Honduras Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Part of our commitment to help strengthen and grow the Kingdom across Central America is our approach to leadership development. Many churches have pastors that receive very little encouragement or further training of any kind during the year.

Open Eyes spends a lot of time encouraging and equipping the pastors of churches across Central America. This can take the form of teaching in the church, assisting in developing growth strategies, leadership training and conferences and cell group studies.

Often, when pastors from the U.S. come to be part of an Open Eyes project, we will enlist them to conduct leadership training as well. The involvement of pastors from the U.S. is critical to this effort because they have a motivating and energizing impact on any of the church leaders they come in contact with. Our Leadership Training Program for churches and organizations; such as the National Police, businessmen, universities, Honduran Air Force and more consists of five levels, leading to increased leadership skills to be the best they can be.