Honduras Clean Water Ministry

Clean Water Ministry

Open Eyes has partnered with Pure Water Ministry (USA) to provide clean water to those in need in Honduras. Clean water is a right that every Honduran has but this is far from reality. Ninety percent of the Honduran population has no access to clean water. People are forced to use any kind of water source they can find – rivers, wells, water ditches, etc. This is not good for human use but necessity forces people to use it. Pure Water Ministry provides a filtration water system for $1,500. Each system provides clean pure water for up to 2,000 people daily. Open Eyes helps by making sure we find the most effective and needy locations to install the systems that bless many. For more information please contact us by email at openeyes2ca@comcast.net or Facebook: Pvagua Pvagua (Pure Water Ministry – http://pvagua.com/)