Hans & Pamela Aeschlimann

Pamela’s Story

Raised with no Christian beliefs but taught that there was a God creator of everything and I could always come to Him when I needed. Blessed with a good bilingual education, hard working loving parents and 2 younger sisters. I remember not liking Christians because in Honduras they are too loud! I grew up next door from church and I always gave them a hard time. During Eastern Week 2007, my family was invited to a retreat at my grandparents farm. We decided to go, and Praise God, my entire family and myself got saved! God came to my life when I thought I had it all, when I thought I didn’t needed Him. Not really knowing what this was all about but excited to find out, Sunday after revival my Pastor asked me to help him welcoming some north American missionaries visiting the church, so I did. That was the day I met Terry & Arlene duPont and Open Eyes Ministries. God had a plan through it all. He prepared the way, prepared myself because He knew one day I would be serving him with all my gifts, talents and soul.

Pamela Castellon – Director

Hans Aeschlimann – Logistics & Security