Cell Groups

At the center of Open Eyes Ministries’ commitment to transforming Central America through ongoing discipleship is its program for building cell groups. The Cell Groups approach has proven highly effective in building the Kingdom of God across Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

Open Eyes Ministries uses Cell Groups to spread Christian discipleship like wildfire. Using a carefully developed approach, cell group leaders are identified, recruited, trained and then continually mentored.

Rather than just focus on constructing church buildings or the old-style of church planting. Open Eyes believes it best serves the Lord through the building of people. Mass evangelism efforts can often bring hundreds of thousands of people at a time to saving knowledge of Jesus, but a traditional church planting infrastructure cannot be put in place fast enough to move people along in an effective discipleship program. Cell groups are discipling believers and expanding at an unbelievable rate. As of 2018, Open Eyes has influence and input in over 30,000 groups.