SGV Small Group Trip – Day 6 by Jeff Packett

The final day was sightseeing day. We began the day with Roger sharing the devotion about how easy and open it is with the people in Honduras and how we should live a peaceable life among all people.

After a great breakfast we departed for the Pulhapanzak Waterfall. Everyone had a great time as we all ziplined the falls. Don has some great pictures and video to show.

We also completed a walk under the waterfall and I mean under the falls. It was an intense and extreme event trying to get under the falls. The group had to jump into pools of water twice and hold onto a metal rope as we pulled ourselves around and under the falls.
On the way back we stopped and had some fresh coconut juice and coconut candy.
It was a great time by all and we were glad to be a part of Open Eyes Ministry.

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