SGV Small Group Trip – Day 4 by Jeff Packett

Day 4 started with devotion by Susan. Susan taught about devotion. In her teaching she discussed the tools and ways we should go about our devotion. By doing so it make us more consistent with our devotion.

After breakfast we departed for the children’s feeding program again. This time we were able to stay much longer and participate in the feeding program. I have been told that the ladies for sure want a set of knives that Ms. Martha was using.

These beautiful kids get to me every time. Their eyes are piercing.

After the feeding program we came back to the house and prepared rice and beans for door to door evangelism. We met up with Pastor Joel and his church members and started going door to door. God was working with us, we saw 7 accept Christ, it was truly a bountiful harvest.

We came back to the house and then we attended Pastor Joel’s church where I was asked to deliver a message. It was truly a great time, the Holy Spirit was there in a mighty way.

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