SGV Small Group Trip – Day 2 by Jeff Packett

Good morning from Honduras or Buenos Dias desde Honduras.

The morning started with Don giving the daily devotion. Don discussed how we should walk with God and if we don’t where sin can creep in. He used cards to illustrate his lesson and did a great job; he is quite the magician.
We then left for the Home of Hope to meet the 8 beautiful little girls there. We spent about 2 hours there sharing gifts and Roger became an instant hit when he pulled out the play dough and started molding animals. Those girls are very precious and there was talk of taking one or two, I can’t lie.
Our hearts were broken for all of the other kids in the area that kept walking by during our visitation with the girls. (Note, bring some extra gifts next time)
We traveled back for lunch and then headed out to the hospital. As we arrived Pamela said we needed to make it a quick trip and spend only 20 minutes there. I don’t think we need to explain what happened next with our Rogue group but we ended up spending over and hour and a half in the hospital. We divided into two teams with the ladies visiting women and kids and the men visiting the men.  All of our hearts were broken by the conditions that the patients have to be in. There is no AC, every patient was dripping with sweat. They have to bring their own sheets and FOOD to the hospital, no menu there to order from like we have. Once they are seen by the doctor if there is a surgery or if they need medication they must have their families go and buy the medications and tubing  such as IV tubing.
The kids unit was just as bad if not worse, it was hot and had a strong odor as the ladies walked through talking to the parents. We were impressed with their honesty as we spoke to them individually, all were very receptive to us being there. A highlight was praying with a family of 5 brothers and one sister. It was a powerful prayer circle. As we came back through they stopped us again and asked us to pray over them so that their family relationship would also be restored.
We had spent so much time at the hospital and we have gave out the supplies we were taking to the clinics that Pamela ended up taking us to the plaza to take some time seeing the sights locally.
It was a great time and everyone in our group is truly being richly blessed.

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